Feel good. Look good.

Looking for a barber that can cater to all your grooming needs? Well look no further.

We offer a wide range of barbering services, from classic scissor cuts to clipper fades, beard trims and tidy-ups, mullet maintenance, and our popular 'the works' combo that includes the whole package! We welcome anyone and everyone looking for a quality barbering experience, regardless of your style preferences or hair type. So come on in, take a seat, and let our skilled barbers take care of all your grooming needs.

price list


mens barbering services

Clipper cut & style

Clipper cut & style (45min): $39

+ add wash & scalp massage (10min): +$15

Buzz cut

Buzz cut #0-#8 (20 min): $20

+ add wash & scalp massage (10min): +$15

Fade, cut & style

Tapper/burst/low/mid/high. Includes skin fade, foiler or blade finish: $55

+ add wash & scalp massage (10min): +$15

Scissor cut

Gentleman's full scissor cut (45min): $55

+ add wash & scalp massage (10min): +$15


Beard shape, blade line up & hot towel (25min): $25

Beardscape & Mini Facial

Beard pre & post treatment, shape, line up, hot towel, mini facial & steamer (30+ min): $35

Straight razor shave

Classic barbershop full face shave, hot towel & facial steamer (45min): $55

All barbering services include hot towel & aftershave.