Collection: Matrix

All Hair Types.

All Humans.

At Matrix, we welcome all hair types and all humans. That why we work with our labs and network of stylists around the world to develop hyper-targeted solutions for each and every hair type-every level, underlying pigment, diameter, and pattern.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

Diversity is not an ideal. It is a fact.
That is why we created the Hair Diversity Matrix, a scorecard that we use to make sure that our products and education meet the needs of all hair types all levels, all diameters and all paterns, so that you can service every client with confidence.

Our Vision

Our commitment to minimize our impact on the planet, from our offices to our salon to our consumer's everyday life.

Together we can make an impact. That is why we promise that each new formula launched will be cleaner, each packaging will be optimized in recycled plastic or less plastic, and each time we put merchandising out we should ask if we need it or can we recycle it.